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With such a narrow board, it was important to generate some depth at the back of the layout. Having tried a painted backscene, both with greenery and just a plain sky, I decided that a photographic backscene would offer the best solution.
Using a photo found on flickr (and after contacting the owner to seek permission) I printed out a backscene using A3 sheets and gluing them together. Unfortunately this resulted in the rippled effect seen on these photos, with a break in the backscene also looking quite rough. The best solution was to use wallpaper paste to glue the printout to the shiny side of a sheet of hardboard, which resulted in far fewer wrinkles and a superior finish. See the final stage for better photos of the upgraded backscene.
In the top right hand corner of this shot, you can see how the wood below the parapet wall was decorated using plasticard sheet and girder section to represent a typical iron bridge. Dry brushing several layers of black paint gave the weathered look I was after, although at this stage there was still some way to go. Notice also the zebra, supplied by my wife!
An overall view of the first backscene, made up of A3 sheet stuck together with PVA. Unfortunately, as well as being wrinkled, it was much too small for the layout.
The advantage of a photo backscene is that it lends greater depth to the photos you can take on a layout. Even though the trees, monument and buildings don't line up correctly, it still offers a visual improvement over plain sky or some illustrated backscenes.
Another photo illutsrating the depth of shot achieved using even a dodgy backscene - this time with a Class 86 resting in between parcels services along the West Coast Main Line.
A final shot of a Class 91 in National Express East Coast interim livery. It must have been undergoing work as it hasn't even got a  pantograph - perhaps a diesel 225 to extent East Coast services to Inverness and Aberdeen?
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