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An important part of the layout's identity was the addition of 25kv catenary, using Viessmann products bought from Gaugemaster. Standard H pole masts were used with wires approximately 30cm long, and the whole structure was very easy to put together. Once you've drilled the hole of the first mast and installed it, you just work outwards from there placing the mast on the board and marking the location with a pencil. Drill the hole, install the next mast, and then connect up the wires. The flexibility of wires as masts mean that breakages are unlikely, although the cost can quickly rack up if you are doing a large layout.
This shows the trees and fence installed on the scenic section, with Bachmann Scenecraft trees and Woodland Scenics bushes used to recreate the greenery of Princes St Gardens. Ratio fencing was used for the fence directly above the retaining wall. Also visible is the engineers' shed and AWS boxes, in the distance. These were of box construction, using Wills and plain plasticard to recreate this simple structure.
In addition to the catenary, non-working signals were also installed at this stage. These are a plastic kit from Knightwing, and although they don't do justice to the complex designs in place at Waverley, did provide a cheap and cheerful way of adding signalling to the layout.
An arty farty black and white photo of the layout, with newly-installed catenary and signals. This is one of my favourite shots of Waverley Bridge, with a much more realistic effect gained by taking away the yellow glare of indoor lights.
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