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This overview shows the layout at a very early stage, on a baseboard roughly five and half feet by 18 inches. Boards were taken from an old wardrobe and braced with 44mm square planed timber from B&Q - my Dad commented that this was big enough to build a real railway but it definitely helped guard against wood warp! The original track plan, with insulfrog points, is combined with a retaining wall from www.scalescenes.com, with platform tops and road markings from the same source. A layer of cork has been laid under the track in an effort to reduce noise, but once you've glued all the track and ballast together the impact is negligible.
A view from under Waverley Bridge looking towards the tunnel entrance. The original platform surface can be seen, with a few dodgy edges where my gluing has gone a bit awry. At this stage the tunnel entrance was just a piece of hardboard, but this was later developed with embossed plasticard.
An aerial shot showing the start of construction on the Princes St Gardens section, along with the Scalescenes pavement and road markings. The wooden supports for Waverley Bridge (made out of an old wardrobe) can be seen at the top. Very simple construction techniques such as this can easily be hidden and embellished with plasticard or greenery.
Overview of Scalescenes road markings. While these are spot on for prototypical road markings, I found it difficult to get a good join between each sheet of paper, and eventually went for standard grey paint for the road section.
Station canopies, built from 3 Wills kits, painted in dark green and white to match the prototype. These kits are simple to build, although getting the right alignment on the legs can be very tricky - otherwise it won't stand up properly!
Close-up of weathering on the canopies. I was very pleased with the rusty and weatherworn effect achieved through dry-brushing, with the first coat of dark grey followed by dark brown, light brown, light grey and a final coat of dark grey.
Class 90 and 91 sit either side of the new platforms, cut out of 1mm card double layered and painted grey. Further coats of grey paint were necessary to get a realistic finish, with patterns picking out new and old sections of tarmac.
An Intercity Class 91 surveys the scene as construction continues... 
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